Who We Are

UGHE was born of the vision of three respected thought leaders in global health – Drs. Paul Farmer, Peter Drobac, and Agnes Binagwaho. All have challenged the norms of what is possible in rural and poor settings, and have set their sights on delivering comprehensive health care to those who need it most. Among many other accomplishments, they have disproven claims that HIV, TB, and cancer treatment are not possible in resource-constrained areas. They have fought for new, higher standards of care, settling for nothing short of the best quality.

Beyond their accomplishments in academics and research, these skilled practitioners have spent decades actively applying their knowledge.  It is through living and working alongside those who have historically lacked access to health care that they have learned what it takes to implement effective health care not simply for areas with extreme need, but for whole health systems.

Esteemed faculty teach alongside these leaders. They represent a curated array of academic and programmatic expertise, from implementation experts to educators from leading academic medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. In alignment with UGHE’s mission, an accomplished mix of Rwandan and international faculty from within the variety of disciplines, offer mentorship across the spectrum of knowledge that effective health care delivery requires.