Tuition and Costs

The total cost to enroll as a member of the MGHD Class of 2021 is outlined below. The combined Tuition and Related Fees must be paid according to a schedule agreed upon between each MGHD student and UGHE’s Financial Office. To accept a place in the MGHD Class of 2021, admitted students will be required to make a one-time deposit of $900 USD within fourteen (14) days of receiving their scholarship letters. Deposits are credited towards the Tuition and Related Fees. Students are also required to pay a one-time technology fee of $100 USD for use of a UGHE laptop throughout the program. For more information on financing your education at UGHE, please visit our Scholarship Opportunities page.

Tuition $44,000 USD 
Room and Board $10,000 USD
Total $54,000

*Tuition and Related Fees for the MGHD Class of 2021 include all required learning materials, room, board, and transportation for intensive sessions, and a laptop computer to use for the duration of the program.