Joyeuse Senga

Research Associate to the Vice Chancellor

Joyeuse Senga is a Bridge2Rwanda Fellow and holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Health Sciences from Samford University. During her undergraduate studies, Joyeuse served the student body in various roles including Student Government senator, TEDx speaker recruiter, and Kinesiology research assistant. Prior to joining UGHE, Joyeuse served as a project coordinator for the Transformation Leadership Center, an organization dedicated to empowering communities around Rwanda to transform their livelihoods. Ms. Senga completed two internships with UGHE in the Office of the Vice Chancellor and the Teaching and Learning Team and gained valuable experience in global health academia and research. She received the Samford Service Award as the senior who best exemplifies the highest qualities of social service. Joyeuse merges her passion for social justice and public health to focus her efforts on understanding the social determinants of health globally, paying close attention to Sub-Saharan Africa. In her free time, Joyeuse enjoys reading, exercising, and travelling.