Christabel Nachizya Mateyo, PhD

Program Manager; Planning Monitoring and Evaluation

Christabel Nacyizya Mateyo joins UGHE as a  Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, with a strong background in public health and project management. Prior to joining UGHE, Dr. Mateyo worked with the United Nations, the European Union and the Ministry of Health. She worked on strengthening the Health Information System (HMIS) in Zambia by introducing dashboards / scorecards to review maternal, reproductive, child health and nutrition indicators from community level up to national level. Originally from Zambia, Dr. Mateyo has lived and studied in Russia for 7 years on scholarship and she speaks both English and Russian fluently. She was awarded a Laureate by Governor of Ulyanovsk Oblast for active participation in youth activities. Dr. Mateyo has a passion for community development especially in regards to child development. She has started a child care training center in Zambia, where people learn how to care for children 0-3 years. She is an excellent team player, an attentive listener and loves learning about new cultures and places.