Katie Letheren

Director of Campus Operations & Community Engagement

Katie Letheren is the Director of Campus Operations & Community Engagement at UGHE. After working in clinical operations at Partners In Health Liberia for a year and a half in remote Maryland County, Katie was hired as International Procurement Advisor by PIH Boston specifically tasked with the international procurement required to open UGHE’s first residential campus in Butaro. Following this process, she was then hired by UGHE as the first Director of Campus Operations to help set up the campus team, as well as equip and operationalize the Butaro Campus leading up to the successful January 25th, 2019 campus inauguration. Recently her role has expanded to establish UGHE’s community engagement program working with the local community surrounding the Butaro campus and beyond. 

Katie has nine years of overseas work experience primarily in the fields of global health, crisis response and education operations throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. Due to their passion for getting to the root of the poor health outcomes they witnessed while working in Liberia, Katie along with fellow PIH colleagues co-founded Educate West Point in 2017 – a Liberian nonprofit and US sister nonprofit committed to improving access to quality education for children residing in Liberia’s largest slum known as West Point. Katie holds a BA in Political Science from New York University and later completed the Global Health Delivery Intensive Program at the Harvard School of Public Health. She is currently completing her Masters in International Development at the University of Edinburgh.