Marshall Thomas, PhD


Dr. Marshall Thomas works closely with the Health Sciences Education Team at UGHE to plan and implement UGHE’s new medical degree program. He also leads the development of the early phases of the medical degree curriculum, focusing on the foundational health sciences, as well as the critical academic and communication skills that students will need to succeed in medical school and beyond. He has a diverse background in teaching and developing curriculum in the health sciences, with a particular expertise in team-based curriculum development, assessment development, and using technology to enrich and scale science teaching.

Prior to joining the UGHE team, Dr. Thomas worked at two major online learning initiatives at Harvard University. He led the curriculum team at HMX, which creates high-quality online science courses oriented towards individuals interested in careers in health care. At HMX, he contributed to the development of courses in immunology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, and physiology. He also worked as a Project Lead at HarvardX, managing the development and delivery of courses in biochemistry and public health. Dr. Thomas received formal and practical training in teaching and pedagogy as a Curriculum Fellow at Harvard Medical School. He received his PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from Harvard University. For his doctoral thesis, Dr. Thomas studied some of the mechanisms that contribute to apoptosis – a cellular “self-destruct” program that protects our bodies from injury and infection. His current research focuses on best practices in teaching and learning in medical and online education.