Yvonne Kayiteshonga, PhD

Visiting Faculty, Faculty of Global Health Delivery

Dr. Yvonne Kayiteshonga, who holds a PhD in clinical psychology, is the Mental Health Division Manager of Rwanda Biomedical Center/Ministry of Health (MoH). She has extensive experience in health care management, and has worked both as a care provider, and leader in the health sector for over 31 years. Her executive experience includes program design, development, implementation and evaluation. This is highlighted in her work in Rwanda as the Director of the National Mental Health Outpatient Center, National Director of all Mental Health Services, and currently as the National Director of Mental Health Division.

Dr. Kayiteshonga is a global visionary, who embraces a style of inclusion for all her staff. She fosters the practice of collaboration and delegation among her mental health care team, to which nurses, physicians, counselors, community health workers and mental health educators have responded proactively and positively. Starting in 2011, Dr. Kayiteshonga has helped with the implementation and training for community health workers and other stakeholders in mental health interventions (approximately 45,000 people currently trained). In addition, she has facilitated the creation of the first National Mental Health Policy in Rwanda. This new plan aimed to create mental health care services and institutions nationwide, across all district hospitals, health centers and at the community level, with a global mental health vision for Rwandans. The goal was successfully achieved with 100% mental health services coverage across the country.

Dr. Kayiteshonga and her mental health care team have made enormous strides to better mental health in Rwanda. They continue to aim for evidence-based training of health care professionals in mental health, while keeping in mind Rwanda’s cultural context.