Applications for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery with Honours/Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MBBS/MGHD) Program Class of 2029 Are Now Open

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  • When do applications for the MBBS/MGHD open? 
    • Applications for the MBBS/MGHD Class of 2029 will be open from 7 September 2022 to 13 January 2023. 
  • What is the timeline for the MBBS/MGHD 2023 intake admissions process? 
    • 4 and half months 
  • Does the MBBS/MGHD accept international applicants?  
    • YES, UGHE is accepting applications from these countries: Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Rwanda and non-Rwandan national with refugee status in Rwanda.   
  • I applied to the MBBS/MGHD program last year but wasn’t accepted. Can I reapply? 
    • Applicants who have applied to the MBBS program in the past but have been unsuccessful are encouraged to re-apply. Candidates can apply twice to join the program. 
  • I am already a medical student in a different university. Am I allowed to apply? 
    • NO. UGHE does not accept transfer students. A transfer student is one who applies to UGHE after having begun his or her study program at a different university or school.  
  • If I am accepted into the MBBS/MGHD 2023 intake but choose not to attend, can I defer my acceptance?  
    • Acceptance into the MBBS/MGHD Class of 2029 does not guarantee acceptance in the future. If an applicant chooses to decline his/her offer, s/he is required to reapply for admission. 
    • If a student who has dropped out of the program would like to rejoin, they must re-apply to the program through the normal application process.  
  • Duration of validity of the High School/Upper Secondary leaving marks: 2 Years 
    • Only candidates that completed their high school in 2021 and 2022 are eligible to apply. 
  • If I already have a Bsc degree, can I apply 
    • Yes, A Bachelor’s degree in any of these specialities: Nursing, Laboratory Science, Pharmacy, Radiography, Anesthesia, or other fields closely related to health care. 
  • If I have international diplomas, am I eligible to apply?
    • Yes, you are.  
  • Can I complain, challenge the Admissions process? 
    • YES you can. Complaints or concerns related to UGHE’s admissions policies or procedures must be brought to the Manager of Admissions, Records, and Student Services in writing for review. If the concern or grievance is related to the Manager of Admissions, Records, and Student Services, it should be brought in writing to the Dean of the school of medicine for review.  
  • How do you assure transparency? 
    • UGHE aims to educate students who have a global interest, a commitment to leadership, and a desire to address issues of inequity and disparity through health delivery. UGHE’s Office of Admissions, Records, and Student Services aligns with this vision by considering all applications in a holistic and equitable manner. The Office values all aspects of an applicant’s profile, including but not limited to supplemental documents, National Exams results, admissions exams and interviews, and overall alignment with the University’s mission and vision.


If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact the Recruitment and Admissions Team: E-Mail or send your inquiry on this link.