Callixte Cyuzuzo, MSc

Teaching and Learning Coordinator & GHC Fellow

Callixte CYUZUZO is a philanthropist with a strong vision to see global citizens protected by equitable and effective health systems. Callixte graduated from the University of Rwanda where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology with concentration in Biotechnology. He holds an MSc in Immunology from Universitas Airlangga where he became a Cum Laude graduate of the Postgraduate School and he is currently completing his second Master’s in Epidemiology with Concentration in General Epidemiology from Universitas Diponegoro. He is the author of 11 research and review papers published in peer-reviewed journals and his utmost research interest is in the area of immunology, public health and infectious diseases.

Prior to joining UGHE, Callixte served as a part-time Lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences at Kibogora Polytechnic University where he taught two principal courses; Clinical Immunology and Virology and Advanced Immunology. He previously worked as a Clinical Preceptor for Kibogora Polytechnic Students at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali and represents Rwanda as an Ambassador of Immunopaedia in Africa. He served as a Research Consultant at Vital Strategies under the Rwanda Biomedical Centre. In his free time, Callixte enjoys traditional dancing, reading, and writing.