Anatole Manzi, PhD, MPhil, MPH

Assistant Professor, Global Health Delivery

Dr Anatole Manzi serves as Deputy Chief Medical Officer in charge of Clinical Quality and Health Systems Strengthening at Partners In Health (PIH). In his current role, Dr Manzi liaises with PIH-supported countries to develop and implement quality improvement and health systems strengthening strategies. His work involves engineering innovative solutions to integrate quality management with clinical practice. He manages relationships and engages with partners, including academic and non-academic global health organizations, to support the implementation, evaluation and dissemination of quality care delivery practices. He also serves as Director of Learning Collaborative aiming at strengthening COVID-19 contact tracing and expanded public health response through learning and exchange series targeted to expert implementers as part of the US Public Health Accompaniment Unit. 

Previously, he served as the Director of Clinical Practice and Quality Improvement and Director of Global Learning and Training at PIH. In these roles, he oversaw the organization-wide education and training strategy, including the development and standardization of guidelines and tools essential for PIH-supported countries to deliver high quality care. 

Dr Manzi is assistant professor at University of Global Health Equity, adjunct professor of global health at Tufts University, and lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School. He also co-directs the Equity Approach to Pandemic Preparedness and Response, an online self-learning course which brings together public health experts leading national and global efforts to analyze challenges and strategic interventions through practical, interdisciplinary and equity-driven approach to address COVID-19 and other pandemics.

He is also the founder of Move Up Global, a Boston-based organization striving to improve access to better health and education in remote and resource-constrained communities. His research focuses on evaluating healthcare quality improvement and innovative interventions to eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in resource-limited settings. 

 Dr Manzi is an active member and advisor at various organizations and working groups including the World Health Organization and International Standards Organization. He is also a New Voices Senior Fellow at Aspen Institute.