Jean Baptiste Niyibizi, MSc

Head of Basic Sciences Laboratory; Lecturer in Basic Medical Sciences

Jean Baptiste Niyibizi heads the Basic Sciences laboratory at UGHE, ensuring that it has world-class teaching facilities for medical education. As the Laboratory manager, he is involved in routine planning and preparation of laboratory sessions in the Division of Basic Medical sciences for the UGHE medical program. Mr. Niyibizi holds an MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, from the Pan African University Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation in Kenya and a BSc (Honors) in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Rwanda. He is also a bonafide member of Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC).

Prior to joining UGHE, Mr. Niyibizi worked as a Biomedical laboratory technologist at the National Reference Laboratory (NRL), Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), where he served as a mentor; trainer, supervisor and a focal point for hospital laboratories in Rwanda’s Eastern Province. In addition, Mr. Niyibizi has worked as an Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer at a number of Science and Technology Universities in Rwanda. During this time, he conducted different laboratory practicals with students, supervised research projects, clinical attachments and participated in curriculum development and review. Mr. Niyibizi is also an active researcher; with several peer-reviewed publications. His current research interests are focused on drug and disease resistance, drug design and development and new approaches for identifying markers in diagnosis of diseases based on their molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis.