Robert Ojiambo, PhD

Chair of Division of Basic Sciences

Dr. Robert Ojiambo is the Chair of the Division of Basic Sciences at UGHE. He is part of the team involved in the implementation of the innovative medical education curriculum with other colleagues at UGHE.

Previously, Dr. Ojiambo was involved in the training of thousands of medical doctors in Kenya for close to 20 years. Most recently, he was the head of physiology as well as a senior lecturer at the School of Medicine, Moi University, Kenya. He has over 30 publications in the broad area of lifestyle physiology and health. Dr. Ojiambo holds a PhD in integrated biology from the University of Glasgow, UK. His research interests are centered around the impact of lifestyle factors such as: diet, physical activity, sedentary behavior and pollution on physiological functions and health in populations, especially in women and children. Dr. Ojiambo is keen on multidisciplinary collaborative research that addresses emerging health issues associated with the changing lifestyles in African populations and innovative approaches to mitigate the ravages of unhealthy lifestyles in populations.