Natnael Shimelash, MD, MSc

Head of the East African Biodesign (EAB) Program

Natnael Shimelash is the Head of the East African Biodesign (EAB) Program and an Academic Faculty member at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) School of Medicine (SOM). In his role at EAB, Dr. Shimelash focuses on contextualizing, designing, and instructing the Biodesign process to a multidisciplinary team of Health Technology innovators. He also plays a pivotal role in managing the Biodesign program and establishing partnerships with HealthTech stakeholders in East Africa and beyond.

As a faculty member of SOM, Dr. Shimelash contributes by assisting in the development, testing, and implementation of simulation scenarios for medical students and the dissemination of UGHE’s simulation initiatives. With his dual role encompassing healthcare innovation and medical education, Dr. Shimelash embodies a commitment to advancing the East African HealthTech ecosystem and medical education.

Before joining UGHE, Dr. Shimelash served in various healthcare leadership and clinical roles, such as a primary care physician, deputy medical director, quality and clinical governance officer, and clinical system mentor in Ethiopia. Dr. Shimelash earned his Bachelor of Medicine from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, his Masters in Global Health Delivery, specializing in the One Health Track, from UGHE, and a Global Faculty in Training certificate from the Stanford Biodesign program.