Olana Wakoya Gichile, MD, MSc

Lecturer and Medical Education Coordinator, Clinical Sciences Division

Olana Wakoya Gichile is a medical doctor and global health professional with an extensive experience in clinical practice, healthcare management, and teaching in resource-limited settings for over 6 years.

Currently, he is working as a lecturer and medical education coordinator in the clinical sciences division of the MBBS/MGHD Program at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE). In this capacity, Olana plays a vital role in developing the medical education curriculum, teaching, and coordinating the teaching and learning activities. Before joining UGHE, he served as a lecturer and department head at a public university. He also worked as a general medical practitioner and medical director at a remote and resource-constrained hospital in Ethiopia.

Olana holds a Master of Science degree in Global Health Delivery with a concentration in Health Management from the University of Global Health Equity. He also received a Doctor of Medicine degree from Addis Ababa University. He is aspiring to contribute to equitable access to quality healthcare by strengthening healthcare systems through value-driven leadership, evidence-based medical education, and data-informed decision-making.