Master of Science in Global Health Delivery

Full-time, Residential Degree


The Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD) is UGHE’s flagship academic program. Modeled after a similar program at Harvard Medical School, the MGHD provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience fundamentally rooted in the principles of global health, One Health, epidemiology, global health policy, management, health finance, and leadership. View the MGHD course catalog.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to improving health outcomes and achieving equitable global health care delivery. UGHE’s MGHD program emphasizes transnational health issues and the various strategies required to tackle these, including disease surveillance, health systems management, and individual and population-based interventions. Students will acquire the diverse skill set and management training needed to successfully empower teams and respond to the complex health challenges of our world.

The MGHD program prepares students to serve in health care delivery settings across the globe by:

  • Prioritizing hands-on and practical field experience. Faculty are from Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Tufts University, Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, and the Rwanda Biomedical Center. Students also learn from community health workers in rural villages near UGHE’s campus and ministers of health, a training model that provides students with a profound understanding of the realities of problem-solving in under-resourced settings.
  • Focusing on “systems” rather than symptoms. Addressing the critical social and systemic forces causing inequities and inefficiencies in health care delivery requires a comprehensive understanding of effective delivery systems. Knowledge of the broader social, political and environmental factors that matter for health pushes students to look at the bigger picture.
  • Emphasizing leadership and management. While many health education programs see these skills as an “add-on,” UGHE believes training in leadership and management is essential to developing a generation of bold leaders who push for systemic changes in health systems.

Lessons are disseminated through problem-based and experiential learning, and incorporate case studies, group work, and field visits. Students receive individual mentorship throughout the MGHD program. In addition, students gain experience in evidence-based management and delivery through the Mentored Practicum, which fosters professional development and career networking, and equips them with effective problem-solving skills.

Courses for the MGHD Class of 2019 will begin in September of 2018.

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