1. UGHE faculty learning about the point of care ultrasound

    Ultrasound in Medical Education, a Sound Foundation to Improve Health Care Delivery to Vulnerable Communities 

    Ultrasound is one of the imaging modalities in medical practice, and a tool physicians frequently rely on to make a diagnosis and guide treatment. It has become more and more […]

  2. UGHE MBBS’25 students on their first day at Butaro District Hospital

    Clinical Clerkship Equipping UGHE Medical Students to Tackle Health Disparities

    Starting clinical clerkship is an exciting pivotal moment in medical school. After studying clinical sciences, community-based health care delivery, and other medical courses, UGHE’s medical students start clinical clerkship, where […]

  3. Unlocking the Leadership Capabilities of Nurses and Midwives

    How can we unlock the true leadership potential of nurses and midwives?  The global nursing and midwifery workforce is made up of approximately 27 million men and women, accounting for […]

  4. Grace Umutoni shares on how she achieved her career dream in hospitality at UGHE’s Campus Kitchen. 

    UGHE’s Campus Kitchen – A Place Where Dreams Are Realized

    Who would have imagined that someone could transition from making tiles to working in hospitality? Grace Umutoni’s dream of having a career in hospitality became a reality at UGHE’s Campus […]

  5. Shagun Tuli, MGHD’22 student, talks about how Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health should be a basic human right.

    Graduand Profile: MGHD’22 student, Shagun Tuli, vows to make gender, sexual and reproductive health a basic human right for all.

    This is one in a series of stories showcasing MGHD Class of 2022 graduands. As an Indian national, Shagun recalls how easy it was to integrate into the Rwandan lifestyle. […]

  6. Mahlet Tadesse Admasu discusses how joining MGHD’s One Health track aligns with her aspirations and dreams.

    Graduand Profile: MGHD’22 Student, Dr. Mahlet Tadesse Admasu Discusses How One Health Contributes to Equitable Health System

    This is one in a series of stories showcasing MGHD Class of 2022 graduands. As a medical doctor from Ethiopia, Mahlet Tadesse Admasu was always interested in mental health and […]

  7. Mihigo Bonaventure discusses how UGHE’s MGHD program equipped him to become a global health leader.

    Graduand Profile: Mihigo Bonaventure On How UGHE’s MGHD Program Became A Steppingstone For Him As a Global Health Leader  

    This is one in a series of stories showcasing MGHD Class of 2022 graduands.  Prior to joining UGHE, Mihigo was already passionately involved in a social innovative project that promotes […]

  8. Aloysius Chidiebere Ugwu, MGHD’22 GSRH student, discusses  his journey to UGHE. (Photographed on his first day at Butaro Campus.)

    Graduand Profile: Aloysius Chidiebere Ugwu, MGHD’22 GSRH student to advocate for Primary Healthcare Reforms in Nigeria and Globally

    This is one in a series of stories showcasing MGHD Class of 2022 graduands. Aloysius Chidiebere Ugwu’s path to UGHE can best be described as a journey – one that […]

  9. Community Health Workers Are Essential to UGHE’s Community-Based Education

    UGHE’s Community Health and Social Medicine Department hosted a four-day training for Burera District Community Health Workers, Nurses, Midwives, and health center managers who have played a vital role in […]

  10. UGHE Hosts a two-day Workshop on Implementation Science Research

    Institute of Global Health Equity Research (IGHER) at UGHE in partnership with Northwestern University and the University of Utah hosted a two-day workshop on Implementation Science Research (IR) aimed at […]