1. Signolita Umurerwa, UGHE’s Administrative Assistant – Finance, discusses her experience at UGHE, developing empathy towards the vulnerable.

    COVID-19 and the Workplace: Signolita Umurerwa’s Experience at UGHE

    After earning her degree in Accounting, Signolita Umurerwa spent nearly six years serving as a teacher in the International School of Rafiki Foundation, after which she joined UGHE as an […]

  2. Angelo Iragena, One of UGHE’s contractors, preparing meals in the UGHE Butaro Campus Kitchen.

    Angelo Iragena & the UGHE Butaro Campus Kitchen: Encountering Health Equity

    Angelo Iragena, one of the UGHE Butaro Campus chefs, has enjoyed cooking since he was a child. That enthusiasm drove him to study culinary arts and eventually become the professional […]