Student Life

1. Are there accommodations available?

  • Room & Board – Student tuition includes full room and board. This includes a furnished, shared apartment, 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit with 7 other students. You will share a bedroom with one other student. All housing units house students according to their sexual orientation meaning female students will live with only other female students, and male students will live with only other male students. This also includes utilities (e.g. water, electricity, internet) and all of your meals. 
  • Each housing unit has a kitchenette shared with 7 other housemates, which includes a small refrigerator, microwave, and a kettle.
  • Upon returning your acceptance package, you will receive a housing questionnaire indicating your housing preferences. You will also receive a complete list of what is included in each housing unit.
  • Family Housing –  UGHE does not provide family housing on campus, and students are responsible for finding external housing on their own if they will be accompanied by family members. Please note that there are limited housing options in Butaro, so many students opt to either come without their family members or seek housing in Kigali or Musanze. Students are also responsible for all logistics related to family members, including visas, housing, transportation, etc.

2. Student Visa

  • Once in Kigali, you will be applying for a Sub Class U1 Student Permit for 20,000 RWF (approx. $22-25 USD depends on the exchange rate). You are responsible for paying for your Rwanda visa fees, and UGHE will support you in providing an admissions letter. Please see below the documents you will need for your application. Be sure to bring these with you when you come to Kigali. 

3. Is transportation to and from the Butaro campus available?

  • Transportation within Rwanda is provided for UGHE-related activities.

4. What on-campus services are available?

  • Living on UGHE’s campus, residents will have access to a range of services including UGHE’s dining hall serving three balanced meals a day; athletic facilities such as the gym, yoga/exercise studio, and outdoor basketball court; transport shuttle going to and from Kigali every weekend; janitorial and laundry support; IT services; a campus store for picking up basic necessities; full time campus security coverage, and more.

5. Is airfare/transportation to and from Rwanda included?

  • Airfare to and from Rwanda is not provided by UGHE,
  • Additional Expenses – Students need to pay for their flights to and from Rwanda, as well as all necessary visa fees for their stays in Rwanda. UGHE will provide any necessary documentation for the visa application to support in the process, and more information on this process will be included in your UGHE welcome packet. Additionally, students are required to bring their own personal items and toiletries (e.g. school supplies, laundry detergent, sanitary items, hair salon and barbershop services, phone airtime, etc.). UGHE does not provide students with pocket money or living stipends. You will receive a packing guide and more information on what can be found in Butaro in the welcome packet.