Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Umusanzu Agreement 
    • UGHE believes that a student’s financial capacity should not determine her or his ability to become a global health leader, and the University was founded on the principle that its graduates should use their knowledge to positively impact the development of Rwanda and beyond. 
    • Prior to or in connection with initial enrollment in the MBBS/MGHD degree program at UGHE, the Student will agree to sign the Employment Agreement, committing to FIVE (5) years of professional service as part of the UMUSANZU program with the University.  The student understands and agrees that his or her enrollment in the MBBS/MGHD program at UGHE is contingent on signing the Employment Agreement and that the Student’s acceptance to UGHE will be withdrawn if the Student declines to sign or otherwise terminates or withdraws from the Employment Agreement. 

Under Umusanzu (Kinyarwanda for “contribution”): 

    • Students will not pay tuition to enroll in the MBBS/MGHD program. 
    • Students will agree to serve as a doctor for a designated years’ of service among the vulnerable population, under an agreement with the Ministry of Health and UGHE. 
    • Students will still earn a full salary during their Umusanzu years of service, as determined by their employers. 
  • What is included in my tuition?  
    • The University will pay only for tuition, housing at the UGHE dormitories, food, local health insurance, all academic related costs, including projects and field trips.  
  • What materials will UGHE provide for my studies? 
    • All students will receive a laptop for the duration of their studies, loaded with all necessary course software. Additionally, Students are provided with all academic content in the form of books, manuals, online tools, and video and audio recordings throughout the program. These materials are of no additional cost to the students. However, UGHE will not replace broken, worn out or lost laptops. 
  • Additional Expenses – Students need to pay for their own transport, as well as all necessary visa fees for their stay in Rwanda. Additionally, students are required to bring their own personal items and toiletries (e.g. school supplies, laundry detergent, sanitary items, hair salon and barbershop services, phone airtime, etc.). UGHE does not provide students with pocket money or living stipends. You will receive a packing guide and more information on what can be found in Butaro in the welcome packet.
  • Can I opt out of the UMUSANZU contract after graduation?
    • NO. An exception can be made to work only for two (2) years if the student is going to pursue clinical residency training or Advanced Basic Sciences training. This decision is at the discretion of the Ministry.  
    • However, the Student shall be obligated to repay the University all tuition and boarding fees for his/her MBBS/MGHD studies at UGHE in the event that he or she: fails to complete his or her 5 years of service. However, the repayment does not preclude the student from incurring other penalties or charges specified in more specific regulations that he or she is party to.