Applications for the MGHD Program Class of 2025 Are CLOSED!

When do applications for the MGHD open? 

Applications for Cohort 10, Class of 2025 officially opened from  18 October 2023 until  9 February 2024 @ 5 PM CAT.

What are the requirements for admission? 

UGHE’s Office of Admissions takes a holistic approach to the admissions process. The Admissions Committee takes into account a broad range of application criteria, including supplemental documents, professional experience, exams, interviews, and overall alignment with the UGHE’s mission and vision.  

The MGHD program targets candidates eager to refine and diversify their global health delivery skills. We welcome candidates holding at least a Bachelor’s degree and from – diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Candidates should have an overall grade of: 

  • GPA 3.0 out of 4.0 (for the US system) 
  • GPA 4.0 out of 5.0 (for the US system) 
  • First-class or upper second-class degree class (for the European system).
  • ECTS: Overall class of A or B 
  • High Distinction, Distinction or Merit 

In the event that a candidate has a different grading system than the ones mentioned above, please go ahead and indicate that on the application form. 

  • All academic documents presented must be from an accredited institution. 
  • Completed applications must be accompanied with NOTARISED COPIES of academic documents. 
  • Proficiency in English to enable the student to both comprehend learning material and to engage in verbal and written communication at the graduate level.
  • The MGHD aims to educate students who have a global interest, a commitment to leadership, and a desire to address issues of inequity and disparity through health delivery and Candidates must be committed to high academic integrity. 

Does the MGHD program accept international applicants? 

Yes! UGHE values diversity and welcomes applicants from around the globe.  

What is the admissions process? 

Applications are submitted online. Each applicant is asked to submit their Academic qualifications. In addition to demographic information, applicants are required to submit their PERSONAL STATEMENT during applications: After the Admissions Committee reviews all applications, select candidates are invited to sit for an online ENTRANCE EXAMINATION, and a subset of those candidates are invited for ADMISSIONS INTERVIEWS.  

Important Dates for the MGHD Class of 2025 Admissions Process 

Please be mindful of the following dates. All candidates who advance in the process will be required to sit for an entrance exam and an admissions interview, per the schedule below.

Application Opens
18 October, 2023 
Application Closes
9 February, 2024 @ 5:00 PM CAT
Applicant Exam
Mid-March 2024
Applicant Interviews
End of April 2024
Final Decision
End of June 2024

If my transcripts and diplomas are not in English, do I need to get them translated? 

Yes. If your transcripts are not in English, you must submit notarized, translated copies of your transcripts and diplomas, as well as copies in their original language. All transcripts and diplomas will be verified by an international transcript verification body.  

If I am accepted into the MGHD Class of 2025 but choose not to attend, can I defer my acceptance? 

Acceptance into the MGHD Class of 2025 does not guarantee acceptance in the future. If an applicant chooses to decline their offer, they are required to reapply for admission. If a student who has dropped out of the program would like to rejoin, they must re-apply to the program through the normal application process.  

I applied to the MGHD program last year but wasn’t accepted. Can I reapply? 

Applicants who have applied to the MGHD program in the past but have been unsuccessful are encouraged to re-apply. 

How do you assure transparency? 

UGHE aims to educate students who have a global interest, a commitment to leadership, and a desire to address issues of inequity and disparity through health delivery. UGHE Registrar Office aligns with this vision by considering all applications in a holistic and equitable manner.