The Center for Leadership in Global Health Equity

Customized Certificate Courses

UGHE’s Executive Education certificate courses develop professionals using critical competencies central to strengthening health care delivery systems.

Designed to cultivate leaders within public sector, private sector, nonprofit, and non-governmental organizations throughout the health system, UGHE’s customized Executive Education programs afford organizations the flexibility to tailor a unique and comprehensive learning experience for their employees centered around health system strengthening and management and leadership education.

Learners investigate health care delivery in both rural and urban settings through field and classroom learning. Training programs incorporate case studies using problem-based and experiential learning, coupled with individual mentorship and coaching. Executive Education faculty are international and local implementation experts from leading academic institutions, including Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Duke University, Tufts University, and Rwanda’s Ministry of Health. Learners explore the successes and challenges of health program implementation in Rwanda and beyond, combining contextual knowledge with delivery experience to develop replicable platforms that can be applied within their own country’s health care system.

Through an unparalleled leadership development experience, Executive Education courses ensure learners return to their workplaces and health systems prepared to deliver value-based programs.

UGHE’s alumni community of practice provides a virtual space for Executive Education learners to convene with an international network of mentors, faculty, and peers after the program ends, fostering professional development and collaboration across sectors and borders.

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"UGHE will train the next generation of Rwandan and global leaders in health care delivery, making Rwanda an international hub for delivery science."

Dr. Peter Drobac, Advisor; Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Global Health Delivery