Future Offerings

We at UGHE recognize that excellent health care delivery requires committed professionals across many disciplines. To complement this view, we have an ambitious plan for our academic offerings. These include both undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine, nursing, and oral health, all of which will be joint degree programs that include the MGHD. In addition, we will offer non-clinical programs in research, supply chain, and health management.

Academic growth goes hand in hand with expanding our research platform. Our research agenda will focus on delivery science — also known as implementation science — an emerging discipline that moves beyond the controlled environment of the research laboratory or teaching hospital to understand how to deliver outstanding care to populations who need it most. While randomized controlled trials are the gold standard in clinical research, implementation research is often better served by observational methods that tolerate complexity and embrace — rather than strip away — critically important social context.

“Linking humility and bold vision to scientific rigor is the surest route to value and equity in global health."

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor, UGHE