MBBS'30 Admissions Criteria

  • What are the eligibility requirements for the program?  
    • Applications are open to applicants from the following countries: Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, and Sierra Leone, and Rwandan national or non-Rwandan nationals with refugee status in Rwanda. 
    • Secondary (A-Level) or High School Diploma. 
    • National exam scores with an overall aggregate score of at least 57 with two principal passes in Biology and Chemistry from the following subject combinations, or equivalent: 
      • Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB)
      • Math-Chemistry-Biology (MCB)
      • Biology-Chemistry-Geography (BCG)
      • Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture (CBA)
      • Chemistry, Biology and Food & Human Nutrition (CBN)
    • Should strictly have the following grades in each of these subjects: 
      • Biology – grade/score A
      • Chemistry – grade/score A
      • 3rd subject: either Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Agriculture, or equivalent- grade/score A or B
    • NESA Equivalency certificate for any candidates with foreign qualifications.  
    • Strong written and spoken English.
    • Only candidates that completed their high school i.e. A ‘Level or Senior 6 strictly in 2022 and 2023 are eligible to apply.  
    • UGHE also accepts applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in any of these specialities for this intake: Nursing, Laboratory Science, Pharmacy, Radiography, Anesthesia, or other fields closely related to health care and meet the eligibility criteria outlined above. In addition to meeting the criteria outlined above, candidates falling under this category must also have demonstrated work experience in health sciences or global health capacity in Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi and Sierra Leone. 
    • Note: An undergraduate degree will STRICTLY be used as a WAIVER of the year the candidate completed their A’Level studies. This means that applicants need at least a grade C in their A’Level subject combinations that includes Biology and Chemistry principal subjects. In case of foreign qualifications, applicants should apply for equivalency via IREMBO using their A’Level results  to be eligible for admission.
    • The Bachelor’s degree and A’Level/senior 6 results will be considered for admission.
    • All academic documents presented must be from an accredited institution, 
    • Completed Applications must be accompanied with notarised copies of academic documents, 
    • Applicants whose first language is not English or who did not go through an education system with English as a medium of instruction will be required to provide evidence from a recognized English language training institution that they have sufficient command of English language to cope with the program.  
  • Important Information to take note of:
    • Students must be physically and mentally fit at all times throughout the duration of the MBBS/MGHD program. Therefore, students with an impairment may not be accepted into the MBBS/MGHD program. Impairment shall mean, as per the RMDC’s Regulations for Indexing of Medical and Dental Students, ”a physical or mental impairment, disability, condition, or disorder (including substance abuse or dependence) that detrimentally affects or is likely to detrimentally affect the medical/dental student’s capacity to undertake clinical training,”  including, but not limited to, complete loss of vision, complete loss of hearing, serious musculoskeletal disabilities incompatible with the routine practice of medicine, and severe psychiatric or mental problems that may be detrimental to safe practice. 
    •  Physical and mental fitness for study and medical practice will be determined via a medical screening procedure performed by a licensed physician designated by UGHE’s Office of Admissions and Records. Additionally, all admitted students will be required to undertake routine medical tests to ascertain physical and mental health abilities to undertake the medical program.
  • Holders of Foreign Qualifications: 
    • All applicants holding foreign qualifications must have their qualifications validated and equated by NESA.
  • What is the admissions process? 
    • Applications are submitted online. Each applicant is asked to submit their National Exams results. In addition to demographic information, applicants are required to submit their PERSONAL STATEMENT: After the Admissions Committee reviews all applications, select candidates are invited to sit for an online ENTRANCE EXAMINATION, and a subset of those candidates are invited for ADMISSIONS INTERVIEWS. 

 Important Dates for the MBBS/MGHD Class of 2030 Admissions Process 

Please be mindful of the following dates. All candidates who advance in the process will be required to sit for an entrance exam and an admissions interview, per the schedule below.

Application Opens
27 September, 2023 @11:00 AM CAT
Application Closes
19 January, 2024 @ 5:00 PM CAT 
Applicant Exam
Late February 2024 
Applicant Interviews
Late March 2024
Final Decision
Mid-April 2024