Campus Life

What campus life facilities are available to students ? 

UGHE staff and faculty provide academic and personal support. UGHE’s Registrar office and the campus life team will oversee and run UGHE’s orientation programs, professional development, career services, counseling services, student group advising, community service/Umuganda engagement, and alumni service. UGHE’s campus life team supports activities that provide leadership opportunities and deepen cross-cultural learning and engagement within your cohort.

Will I have time to work? 

The MGHD is a full-time, intensive program hence students are not encouraged from seeking out employment especially during the second semester when they will be pursuing in person lectures. Additionally, given the campus’s rural location, local employment opportunities are limited.

What kind of accommodation is available? 

All MGHD students will be provided with on-campus housing at no additional cost. Learn more about UGHE’s campus. 

What on-campus services are available to students? 

Living on UGHE’s campus, residents will have access to a range of services including UGHE’s dining hall serving three balanced meals a day; athletic facilities such as the gym, yoga/exercise studio, and outdoor basketball court; transport shuttle going to and from Kigali every weekend; janitorial and laundry support; IT services; a campus store for picking up basic necessities; full time campus security coverage, and more. 

What materials will UGHE provide for my studies? 

Students are provided with all academic content in the form of books, manuals, online tools, and video and audio recordings throughout the program. These materials are of no additional cost to the students. Your tuition and scholarship will cover learning materials, room, board, transportation for UGHE-related activities, 24-hours access to fast internet, learning management system and research tools, full health/medical insurance, a laptop (during the 2nd semester) to use. 

Additional Expenses  

Students need to pay for their own transport that is flights to and from Rwanda and any non-academic travel, as well as all necessary visa fees during their stay in Rwanda. Additionally, students are required to bring their own personal items and toiletries (e.g. school supplies, laundry detergents, sanitary items, hair salon and barbershop services, phone airtime, etc.). UGHE does not provide students with pocket money or living stipends. You will receive a packing guide and more information on what can be found in Butaro in the welcome packet.