Tuition and Costs 

How much does the MGHD cost?

Tuition must be paid to UGHE according to an agreed-upon payment schedule. An enrollment and digital and E-Learning resources fee of $1500 USD is due following admission to the program. This is the mandatory fees that include both initial deposit and technology fee.

What financial support is available?

UGHE offers scholarships to outstanding students based on merit, financial need, and diversity. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. In addition to general scholarship support, UGHE has named scholarships for women. Tuition requirements are typically met through a combination of funding mechanisms, including government scholarship support, training or study fellowships, private loans, and UGHE scholarship support. Learn more about financing your education.  Upon acceptance of your scholarship award, you will receive a tuition contract from the Finance Department with payment plan options, including full payment, semester installments, or monthly installments. Learn more here.

What will I need to submit with my application for scholarship support?

In order to be considered for a UGHE scholarship, MGHD candidates will be asked to submit an overview of their financial history including a statement of earnings, documentation of current loans and personal assets, and an outline of additional financial obligations.