1. Passion for Programming: IT Assistant Liliane Uwase on Striving for Equity

    Joining the UGHE Family in February this year, Liliane Uwase was immediately at the forefront of UGHE’s seamless transition to online working and learning. Serving as an IT Helpdesk Assistant, […]

  2. Moses Izabiriza (left) and Alice Kayibanda (right), two of the four Rwandan artists who, at the 2020 edition of Hamwe Festival, presented a powerful digital exhibition – Stigma, Power & Hopes – exploring personal perceptions, attitudes and experiences of mental health in Rwanda. Alice and Moses will be speakers at the upcoming Mbwira Ndumva Symposium.

    Stigma, Power & Hopes: Alice Kayibanda & Moses Izabiriza talk arts & mental health ahead of Mbwira Ndumva Symposium

    The devastating impacts of COVID-19 will no doubt be long-lasting, with a slow road to recovery mapped out for global economies and societies. Billions have been spent in relief funds […]

  3. Women are cornerstones of past, present and future health systems globally, a fact that has become especially apparent in the unparalleled contributions of women in every profession to the fight against COVID-19. Pictured here: A Rwandan female frontline health worker conducts a Covid-19 test in Kigali recently. Photo captured by Dan Nsengiyumva/The NewTimes

    Changing the World by Challenging It: UGHE Celebrates International Women’s Day

    A challenged world is a changing world. This year’s International Women’s Day, set against the backdrop of COVID-19’s devastating burden of women, brings with it a new message; that of […]