1. Bonnie Weiss announcing the Weiss Family Challenge at WLGH19. Photo by Illume Creative Studios for UGHE.

    Announcing the Weiss Family Challenge: A $1,000,000 Matching Grant

    It was at UGHE’s Women Leaders in Global Health Conference this November that we welcomed two transformative contributions to further this ambition. Through the impressive cross-section of panelists, panels, and participants, it was a weekend that reignited the global health community’s promise to act, and no commitment could have been felt more tangibly than that of […]

  2. Umuganda
    The Butaro community, including UGHE students, staff, and faculty, joined together to plant over 300 trees for Rwanda’s monthly day of service.

    UGHE Joins Butaro Community, Commits to Fully Green Campuses

    Butaro, Rwanda (November 30, 2019) – Today, University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) students, faculty, staff and Butaro community members gathered at UGHE’s Butaro campus to plant over 300 trees as part of Umuganda, Rwanda’s designated monthly day of community service. UGHE recognizes that climate change effects risk fundamentally shaking global health systems, and the […]

  3. WLGH19

    A Call for Action from WLGH19

    The twenty-six sessions across the two days of WLGH19 yielded a wealth of new thinking, critical insight and gave a valuable platform for emerging and established leaders from diverse sectors of global health to advance the global health dialogue. Consolidating the views of social justice fighters from 81 countries, the University of Global Health Equity […]

  4. WLGH19

    A Recap of WLGH19

    WLGH19 might well be over but its powerful legacy lives on in the new direction posed by our diverse set of speakers and, of course, UGHE’s newly-announced Center for Gender Equity Hosted by the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), the 2019 Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGH19) conference this November saw over 1000+ participants. […]

  5. How Three Girls Defied the Odds to Join First Medical Class
    Marie Immaculee Dusingize (from left to right), Eden Gatesi, and Alima Uwimana all overcame incredible odds to join the first class of medical students at the University of Global Health Equity in northern Rwanda. Photos by Danny Kamanzi for UGHE.

    How Three Girls Defied the Odds to Join UGHE’s First Medical Class

    All over the world, millions of girls are denied basic human rights, such as access to health care and education. Since 2012, October 11 has marked the annual International Day of the Girl, a celebration that advocates for girls’ empowerment and human rights. Promoting gender equity is a central mission at the University of Global Health […]

  6. UGHE Introduces Innovative Anatomage Table. Photo by Nick Carney for UGHE
    UGHE introduces the innnovative Anatomage Table to its medical students. Photo by Nick Carney for UGHE

    UGHE Introduces World-Leading Anatomage Table to Medical School

    Students at the University of Global Health Equity will begin their science classes this year with a new tool that is revolutionizing the way medical students study the human body. The university has introduced the world’s most advanced anatomy visualization system, the Anatomage Table, to its medical school in Butaro, Rwanda. The Silicon Valley device […]

  7. Hamwe Festival

    UGHE to Host Inaugural Hamwe Festival to Celebrate Creative Industries in Global Health

    From November 8th to the 13th, the University of Global Health Equity will host the inaugural edition of Hamwe Festival in Kigali, Rwanda. The annual event will celebrate and encourage the contributions of the creative industries in the global health field.  Hamwe, which means “together” or “unity” in Kinyarwanda, is the result of the collaboration […]

  8. Prof. Abebe Bekele: Social Justice Must Be the Foundation of Medical Education

    Recently, Stanley Goldfarb from the University of Pennsylvania penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Take Two Aspirins and Call Me By My Pronouns.” In this article, the author challenges the recent changes in medical education curriculum calling for a greater emphasis on social justice. Goldfarb asserts that this new model of education […]

  9. UGHE Campus Shot by Drone
    UGHE’s campus in Butaro, Rwanda as seen from the sky. Photo by CHARIS Rwanda for UGHE.

    Vice Chancellor Agnes Binagwaho to Devex: UGHE is a “Medical School for the Future that Africa Needs”

    Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor of UGHE, and research associate Miriam Frisch recently published an op-ed in Devex discussing UGHE’s innovative philosophy of education and its potential to serve as a model for the future of health education in Africa and the developing world. “In Rwanda and across the continent, we need clinicians who are […]

  10. UGHE’s inaugural class of medical students on their first visit to campus. Photo by Danny Kamanzi for UGHE.

    UGHE’s Inaugural Class of Medical Students Pledges Commitment to Health Equity

    On July 10th, 2019, a new era of global health education began in Butaro, Rwanda. The University of Global Health Equity matriculated its inaugural class of medical students, who will spend the next six years on campus as part of the university’s new Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery/Master of Science in Global Health Delivery […]