1. UGHE Celebrates One Health Day With Public Lecture by Gorilla Doctors

    “Should the world switch to a plant-based diet?” a moderator asked the crowd, prompting a set of debaters to begin preparing their arguments. What followed was a friendly dialogue pitting the impact of a nutritionally-balanced diet against the environmental effects of meat production– the first of several debate topics curated to raise awareness of One […]

  2. Rooted in the Details: The Origin Story of Butaro’s Future Furniture

    With all eyes locked intently on UGHE’s contemporary, Imigongo-adorned buildings popping up across 5,000 sq. meters of Butaro, Rwanda’s hills, it’s easy to overlook some of the details that go into bringing a University to life. From office cubicles to bed frames and desks, wood is ubiquitous in our everyday lives and essential to cultivating […]