1. G.S Nyamicucu Students Attending a Sexual Reproductive Health Discussion During the Launch of Bwiza Initiative

    UGHE’s Bwiza Initiative Increases Access to Menstruation Knowledge and Affordable Sanitary Pads Among High School Girls in Butaro

    Through the existing partnership between the Department of Community Health and Social Medicine with high schools in Butaro, a study was conducted to better understand menstrual knowledge and attitudes among high […]

  2. Carene Roxanne Umugwaneza, MGHD’19 Alumna in the office at Alliance for Healthy Communities

    MGHD’19 Alumna Carene Roxanne Umugwaneza on Combating HIV/AIDS Among Vulnerable Adolescent Girls and Young Women

    The MGHD emphasizes not only hands-on and practical field experience, a focus on “systems” rather than symptoms, and leadership and management skills, but it is also an interdisciplinary program designed […]