1. Elissa Dushime, one of 25 incoming MGHD’21 students, hopes to leverage his MGHD skills to provide support for the vulnerable within global health crises like COVID-19.

    MGHD’21 Student Elissa Dushime on Leveraging His MGHD to Advocate for The Vulnerable

    Growing up as a Congolese refugee in a refugee camp in Kibuye, in the Western Province of Rwanda, Elissa Dushime witnessed firsthand the unique health challenges faced by vulnerable communities […]

  2. Farming land against the backdrop of three of Rwanda’s volcanoes near UGHE’s Butaro Campus in the mountainous rural province of northern Rwanda. Learning within this environment, UGHE students graduate as advocates for a healthier environment for both humans and animals.

    Analysing the ‘Bigger Picture’: UGHE Hosts Student One Health Photo Challenge

    The clear interconnectedness between the environment, animals and the activities and health of people has never been so stark. The COVID-19 pandemic, suspected to have originated from a bat and […]