1. Mathemba Radebe, MGHD’22 student in Health Management discusses her intention to implement Community-Based Health in her community.

    Graduand Profile: Mathemba Radebe, MGHD’22 Student in Health Management Is Ready to Implement Community-Based Health in Lesotho

    This is one in a series of stories showcasing MGHD Class of 2022 graduands.  Growing up in the mountainous area of Lesotho where access to health care was scarce, Mathemba […]

  2. UGHE’s Global Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Program Equips Nurses and Midwives to Become Leaders and Change Makers

    Nurses and midwives are central to primary health care due to their pivotal role in health promotion, disease prevention and treatment and provision of frontline care. As the first health […]

  3. UGHE in Partnership with Harvard Medical School, Completes Its Second Health Professions Education Course

    UGHE, through the Educational Development and Quality Centre, in partnership with Harvard Medical School launched the second edition of the Health Professions Education Course to enhance the teaching skills of […]

  4. Evelyn Grace Bigini, MGHD’22 student in One Health Option is looking forward to engaging in youth climate advocacy after her graduation which will take place on 28th August 2022.

    Graduand Profile: Evelyn Grace Bigini to Engage in Youth Climate Advocacy

    This is one in a series of stories showcasing MGHD Class of 2022 graduands. Since childhood, Everlyn Grace Bigini has always wanted to learn how to listen, empathize, and learn […]

  5. Danny Kamanzi on how the equity approach and the value of inclusion has given him an opportunity to contribute towards achieving UGHE’s mission

    Danny Kamanzi On How the Campus Operations and Community Engagement Team Supports UGHE’s Mission

    UGHE believes that collaborative efforts with all stakeholders involved are required to achieve its mission to radically transform global health education and how health care is delivered globally by training […]

  6. Dr. Kelsey Ripp discusses the benefits of including One Health Approach in the medical school curriculum

    Dr. Kelsey Ripp: How a One Health Approach in Medical Education at UGHE Addresses Health Inequities

    To contribute to a holistic and effective health care delivery, UGHE as an academic institution has a One Health Option in its Master of Science in Global Health Delivery and […]