1. Championing Equitable Healthcare and Inspiring Change: The Unfolding Story of MBBS’26 Student-Benithe Himbazwa

    “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that’s wrong in the world.” These words, spoken by Dr. Paul Farmer, the Late Chancellor and Founder of […]

  2. UGHE Celebrates Graduation of the 8th Cohort of the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery

    Kigali, August 6, 2023 – The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) marked a momentous occasion as it celebrated the commencement of its 8th cohort of Master of Science in […]

  3. MGHD Graduand -Yonas Hagos, takes on the Challenge to Promote Affordable Quality Health Care for Vulnerable Communities in Global South

    This is one in a series of stories highlighting a few MGHD 2023 graduands ahead of their commencement on 6th August 2023.  Yonas Gebregiorgis Hagos, an MGHD student from Ethiopia, believes that, […]