1. UGHE MBBS’25 students on their first day at Butaro District Hospital

    Clinical Clerkship Equipping UGHE Medical Students to Tackle Health Disparities

    Starting clinical clerkship is an exciting pivotal moment in medical school. After studying clinical sciences, community-based health care delivery, and other medical courses, UGHE’s medical students start clinical clerkship, where […]

  2. Unlocking the Leadership Capabilities of Nurses and Midwives

    How can we unlock the true leadership potential of nurses and midwives?  The global nursing and midwifery workforce is made up of approximately 27 million men and women, accounting for […]

  3. Grace Umutoni shares on how she achieved her career dream in hospitality at UGHE’s Campus Kitchen. 

    UGHE’s Campus Kitchen – A Place Where Dreams Are Realized

    Who would have imagined that someone could transition from making tiles to working in hospitality? Grace Umutoni’s dream of having a career in hospitality became a reality at UGHE’s Campus […]