1. Dr. Tomlin Paul, a Health Professions Education Specialist at UGHE, discusses the importance of socially accountable institutions like UGHE in providing high-quality, equitable healthcare.

    Social Accountability and Health Professions Education for Equitable Quality Healthcare Delivery: Dr. Tomlin Paul 

    The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is an innovative and ground-breaking health sciences university dedicated to training a new generation of well-rounded medical doctors in Africa. One of the […]

  2. MGHD’22 One Health Student Kirsten Beata Dodroe discusses how the program is equipping her to address the inequitable impacts of global climate change

    MGHD’22 One Health Student Kirsten Beata Dodroe on Addressing the Alarming Climate Change

    UGHE has developed a curriculum platform dedicated to addressing the complex, multifaceted challenges of equitable care. All courses are framed within a One Health framework, which acknowledges the interdependence of […]