1. I Am & I Will: UGHE Stands in Solidarity With World Cancer Day

    Today is World Cancer Day, a global uniting initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) that aims to spark collective action towards a cancer free world. 10 […]

  2. Judy Khanyola, Chair of UGHE’s Center for Nursing & Midwifery gives a presentation on nursing education in Africa

    Strengthening Global Health Equity Through The Lens of Nurses and Midwives

    Of the world’s 43.5 million healthcare professionals, more than 27.9 million are nurses and midwives. They are the cornerstone of past, present and future health systems and, as a result […]

  3. Samuel Munana yagezaga ijambo ku bitabiriye icyumweru mpuzamahanga cyahariwe abafite ubumuga bwo kutumva kuwa 27 Nzeri 2019 i Huye mu Ntara y’Amajyepfo

    Samuel Munana Aravuga ku Gukemura Ibibazo by’Abafite Ubumuga bwo Kutumva mu Rwanda

    Kuva mu bwana bwe, Samuel Munana, umuyobozi w’umuryango nyarwanda w’abafite ubumuga bwo kutumva (RNUD) mu magambo ahinnye y’icyongereza,  yakuze abona ibibazo abafite ubumuga bwo kutumva bahura nabyo. Nawe ubwe kuva […]

  4. Samuel Munana, speaks to audiences on the International Week of the Deaf on 27 September 2019 in Huye District, Southern Province

    Samuel Munana On Addressing Inequities Faced by Rwanda’s Deaf Community

    From a young age, Samuel Munana, now Executive Director of Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD), witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the deaf community in Rwanda. He himself […]

  5. Claire Kimilu, MGHD ’19, speaks to audiences at the MGHD Commencement in August 2019. Claire now serves as consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    WHO Consultant, Claire Kimilu, Applies her MGHD to Tackle Global Cervical Cancer Equitably

    When Claire Kimilu began her biology undergraduate degree, she had a set intention – to become a doctor. It had been a narrative she had given herself from an early […]

  6. Elissa Dushime, one of 25 incoming MGHD’21 students, hopes to leverage his MGHD skills to provide support for the vulnerable within global health crises like COVID-19.

    MGHD’21 Student Elissa Dushime on Leveraging His MGHD to Advocate for The Vulnerable

    Growing up as a Congolese refugee in a refugee camp in Kibuye, in the Western Province of Rwanda, Elissa Dushime witnessed firsthand the unique health challenges faced by vulnerable communities […]

  7. Farming land against the backdrop of three of Rwanda’s volcanoes near UGHE’s Butaro Campus in the mountainous rural province of northern Rwanda. Learning within this environment, UGHE students graduate as advocates for a healthier environment for both humans and animals.

    Analysing the ‘Bigger Picture’: UGHE Hosts Student One Health Photo Challenge

    The clear interconnectedness between the environment, animals and the activities and health of people has never been so stark. The COVID-19 pandemic, suspected to have originated from a bat and […]

  8. Emmanuel Dushimimana and MGHD’20 Graduate Grace Kelly stand inside UGHE’s Butaro Campus Kitchen during lunch service. Photo taken in January 2020.

    Cooking for Social Impact: Emmanuel Dushimimana & the Butaro Campus Kitchen

    From a very early age, Emmanuel Dushimimana knew he was going to be a chef. He had watched his grandmother cooking pasta for the family, and enjoyed flicking through the […]

  9. Faculty members from UGHE, the University of Rwanda, & Addis Ababa University unite in a virtual session as part of UGHE & CUSM’s Faculty Development Series.

    UGHE Invests in Building Medical Educator Capacity through a Faculty Development Series, in Partnership with CUSM

    Partnerships – whether between sectors, disciplines, countries, governments, organizations or individuals – are critical to fostering collaborative solutions to global challenges. They promote the lateral sharing of expertise, learnings and […]

  10. Prof. Abebe Bekele, UGHE’s Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic & Research Affairs, and Dr. Marcel Durieux, Anesthesiology Professor at the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Medicine, on UGHE’s Butaro Campus in 2019. Both are spearheading the development and running of this innovative partnership program.

    eGlobal: UGHE Students Virtually Co-Develop Research with US Student Counterparts

    International partnership has never been more important. Despite the obvious social, cultural, economic, and geographical variances of countries globally, this year they have all fought a common threat; that of […]