1. Vice Chancellor Prof. Agnes Binagwaho Participates in Connected Women Leaders Virtual Health Forum

    CWL/CARE Virtual Health Forum On May 15th, UGHE’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Agnes Binagwaho took part in the CWL/CARE Virtual Health Forum, Connected Women Leaders, an initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation, […]

  2. Andre Ndayambaje, MGHD ’19 and UGHE Health Services Coordinator, is a passionate advocate for nurses and midwives.

    Celebrating International Day of the Nurse, and International Year of the Nurse & Midwife: Featuring Andre Ndayambaje, MGHD ’19

    “The first baby I held was the baby of my sister. It was during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, and my sister gave birth in the forest. […]

  3. Dr. Sosina Dessalegn hopes to pass on the lessons she learned as a young female doctor and mother to the next generation.

    A Mother’s Voice: Dr. Sosina Dessalegn, MGHD ’20

    After completing medical school, most graduates take time to celebrate before beginning their internship years. For Dr. Sosina Dessalegn, there was little time for celebration. Just a week after she […]

  4. Salome Sijenyi, MGHD ’20, was forced to make a difficult decision when the COVID-19 pandemic came to East Africa.

    A Mother’s Voice: Salome Sijenyi, MGHD ’20

    In 2017, Salome Sijenyi walked into the pediatric ward of one of the largest hospitals in her County of Siaya in Western Kenya and was shocked by what she found. […]

  5. Dr. Grace Chinelo Okengwu, MGHD ’20, has had to overcome obstacles as a young mother in the medical field in Nigeria.

    A Mother’s Voice: Dr. Grace Chinelo Okengwu, MGHD ’20

    Dr. Grace Chinelo Okengwu has learned to make the most of her situation. As a young doctor in the Abia state of Nigeria, she was often faced with difficult decisions, […]

  6. The Many Shades of Motherhood: Denise Kayigamba

    To celebrate Mother’s Day, Denise Kayigamba, UGHE’s Director of Contracting & Procurement shares her experiences on motherhood of a teenager during the Coronavirus lockdown, and her message of solidarity with […]

  7. Video: #AskAnExpert Q&A with UGHE Dean Prof. Abebe Bekele

    As a disease affecting the world globally, news sources are saturated with coronavirus updates. But what can we trust? This is why UGHE brings you #AskAnExpert, a feature that gets […]

  8. Students and faculty at UGHE are learning to adjust to remote learning amidst the COVID-19 lockdown in Rwanda. Pictured: Dr. Agazi Gebreselassie, MGHD ’20.

    Health Ed in a Health Crisis: How UGHE is continuing to provide critical training to students in the midst of a pandemic.

    It’s a strange time for global education. One of empty classrooms, and quiet school halls. In the face of the pandemic, institutions globally have been grappling with widespread school closures, […]

  9. Devex Editor-in-Chief Interviews UGHE Vice Chancellor on COVID-19 in Africa

    Raj Kumar, President & Editor-in-Chief of Devex, recently conducted an interview with UGHE Vice Chancellor Prof. Agnes Binagwaho over Zoom regarding COVID-19 pandemic and its potential impact on Africa and […]

  10. Prof. Abebe Bekele to Project Syndicate: The only way to build a safer post-COVID world is to ensure that Africa is not left behind.

    In a recent op-ed published in Project Syndicate, UGHE Dean of the School of Medicine Prof. Abebe Bekele argued that global leadership must be united in order to defeat the […]