I Am & I Will: UGHE Stands in Solidarity With World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day, a global uniting initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) that aims to spark collective action towards a cancer free world. 10 million people die each year from cancer, a total that exceeds the fatality count of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. This number is only expected to grow, with experts predicting cancer deaths rising to 13 million by 2030 if we don’t take bold, collaborative and evidence-based action, now. Health inequities continue to play out in the burden of cancer worldwide, with more than half (65%) of cancer deaths recorded in the least developed parts of the world. Minority groups including indigenous, immigrant, refugee and rural communities are also disproportionately affected, who are often more vulnerable, of lower income, and therefore unable to access quality treatment, diagnosis, and care.

Whilst millions of patients fall victim to this disease each year, more than one third of cancer cases can be prevented, and another third cured if detected early and treated properly. UGHE’s holistic approach to education is designed to tackle global health inequities like the global cancer burden by teaching students to understand the unique challenges facing marginalized communities, and see health care as a human right. They graduate not just as qualified health practitioners capable of implementing resource-appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases like cancer, but also as global advocates for social justice, capable of changing the status quo around who receives care and how. This year, the theme for the World Cancer Day campaign is ‘I Am and I Will’, asking the world how they will contribute – in whatever way they can – to the global fight against cancer. UGHE is proud to take part in this initiative, and below we bring you the individual mission statements of our UGHE faculty, staff, and students.