Meet the Newest Cohort of Changemakers

In September 2018, UGHE welcomed it’s fourth cohort of Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD) students. Since the launch of the MGHD degree in 2015, the program has attracted students from all over the world with a diverse array of professional and academic backgrounds. In addition to the varied and unique perspectives that these 24 students bring to the table, they share a common belief: that health is a human right and everyone deserves access to quality health care. Below, members of the MGHD Class of 2019 share the experiences and values that drew them to UGHE.

Dr. Margaret Kirumbuyo
Worked as a General Practitioner and Research Assistant

“So many of the medical issues that we see are the result of social determinants of health. I want to understand how community lifestyles affect medicine and inform treatment.”


Ange Gloria Umuhoza
Worked as a Course Facilitator at Kepler, a university program that provides college-level degrees in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University

“This is my first time entering the global health sector, as I’ve worked primarily in education. I’m excited about diversifying my skill set and learning more about the impact of effective global health delivery in the communities that we will serve.


Diallo Afadhali 
Worked with Sanford Health Care in Ghana on procurement and supply chain of medications

“I’ve been working in global health for quite some time, as a pharmacist, consultant, advisor, and analyst. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the subject matter that I’m passionate about and gaining strong competency in the skills that matter and make me competitive in this sector.”


Nicole Jabo
Finished her bachelor’s degree at University of Texas at Tyler; President of UNICEF USA on Campus


I hope to grow as a global health professional and stand out as a leader. I’m excited about the unique experiences that we will be granted as students and the potential impact that we will have on the local, rural community.”


Leila Dusabe
Worked as an intern at Partners In Health

“I’ve always been fascinated by the health sector and the idea of doing something meaningful that has a positive effect on people’s lives. I believe the experience I will have at UGHE will provide concrete skills in health financing, management, and delivery. I’m excited to further expose myself to health sector work and learn from my peers.”


Kamugisha JohnBosco
Worked as a Emergency Care Trainer at Masaka Hospital under Mbarara University and Global Emergency Care in Uganda

“I believe I will strengthen my skills as a global health professional by receiving a great breadth of evidence-based training in research and management. These skills will enable me to become a leader in the field.”


Claire Kimilu
Worked with and learned from patients at Bon Secours Hospital Outpatient Mental Health Clinic in an underserved community in Southwest Baltimore 

UGHE has a very unique understanding of the importance of human connection and working as a team. I have already felt welcomed by my classmates, the staff and faculty, and I am looking forward to jumping in, connecting with the community, and learning from those around me.


Dr. Uchenna Nkwonta
 Worked at a private medical facility as a General Practitioner in the rural town of Kwale in Delta State, Nigeria

“I am looking forward to gaining important skills in health management and leadership. As a medical doctor, I believe gaining global health experience is important for improving my health care delivery skills as well as the quality of care delivered to patients, especially the vulnerable groups who desperately need health care services.”


Dr. Ornella Masimbi
 General Practitioner at a district hospital in Kigali

“It’s going to be rewarding to gain proper knowledge on how to be a global health leader. I’m a medical doctor by training but was not exposed to the wide range of global health issues that exist. I hope that the knowledge I receive will allow me to both deliver better care to my patients, and give back to my country.”


Musa Bernard Komeh
Worked as a Project Supervisor at eHealth Africa working on three different projects: VaxTrac, Hepatitis B SeroSurvey, and Public Health Workforce Development

“I am originally from Sierra Leone and I’m really looking forward to going to graduate school here in Rwanda. Rwanda is a great example of building and strengthening a health system from the ground up. It is going to be rewarding to not only learn from my courses, but from the country itself.”


Hildah Koech
Worked as a Nursing Officer with County Government of Kericho, Kenya, and as a sexual and reproductive health advocate and champion with Centre Study for Adolescence

“I find both the cohort of students and faculty offerings so diverse, and this is a great opportunity to share and learn from other’s experiences. I hope to engage in this unique platform with UGHE’s expert global health faculty and my class to expand my knowledge and skills. The learning environment and student support  is top notch . Attending UGHE will be a turning point for me.”