Prof. Abebe Bekele to Project Syndicate: The only way to build a safer post-COVID world is to ensure that Africa is not left behind.

In a recent op-ed published in Project Syndicate, UGHE Dean of the School of Medicine Prof. Abebe Bekele argued that global leadership must be united in order to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in countries with weaker health systems and social safety nets. 

“Although COVID-19 does not affect all equally, it does confirm the axiom that, in today’s interconnected world, global challenges require global solutions.”

Prof. Bekele made the case that developing countries face unique challenges when confronted with the measures necessary to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, due to limited resources in health-care settings and in their economies at large. 

“In many developing countries, the vast majority of workers depend on modest daily wages, and cannot work remotely. Social-distancing measures thus threaten their very survival.”

Ultimately, Prof. Bekele asserted, countries must invest in developing stronger health systems to defeat COVID-19 and whatever outbreaks the future holds. UGHE is investing in that very mission by developing global health leaders who understand the various factors that contribute to and exacerbate disease outbreaks, such as One Health and social medicine.

Read Prof. Bekele’s op-ed in full at Project Syndicate here.