UGHE Butaro Campus Celebrates Five Years of Transformative Impact on Global Health Education

UGHE Butaro Campus 2023. Photo by Asher Habinshuti /UGHE

BUTARO, RWANDA — January 25 was a special day at UGHE as the Butaro academic campus celebrated its five-year anniversary, reflecting on its significant contributions to global health education and community development since its inauguration in 2019. 

Located in the rural Northern Rwanda, the UGHE Butaro campus was established with the mission of transforming global health by reimagining medical education and global health delivery through training the next generations of global health leaders dedicated to addressing global health disparities.  

As the campus marks this milestone, it takes pride in several achievements attained over the past five years. 

Throughout this period, UGHE Butaro has remained steadfast in its commitment to academic excellence. According to the UGHE Interim Vice Chancellor, Dr. Joel M. Mubiligi, “Over the past five years, we have experienced growth in both size and stature, welcoming more students, faculty, and staff to our dedicated Butaro campus. This expansion has provided us with the resources and space needed to foster an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and innovation. 

In parallel with our campus expansion, our programs have flourished. We have witnessed remarkable growth in our academic offerings, with the introduction of new disciplines and the enrichment of curriculum within existing programs. Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students receive an unparalleled education that equips them for success in the ever-evolving field of global health.” 

Acknowledging the challenges faced along the way, Dr. Joel emphasizes the UGHE’s resilience and unwavering determination. “Our strength lies in our collective resilience, and we have consistently emerged stronger, more united, and more committed to our shared vision.” 

UGHE’s impact extends beyond the campus, deeply influencing the local community. Engaging in outreach programs and community health initiatives, students and faculty have collaborated closely with residents to address healthcare challenges, enhancing overall well-being. This community connection is a defining feature of UGHE’s community-based education approach. 

UGHE Butaro Campus 2023. Photo taken by drone

The campus has been at the forefront in groundbreaking research, driving large-scale policy changes with a focus on vulnerable populations. UGHE staff, students, faculty, and leadership have contributed to and informed hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers, forming the foundation of the institution’s global influence work. UGHE continues to generate unique solutions that drive systemic change, rooted in the belief that equity in quality health services delivery starts with equity in access to quality education. 

Forging partnerships with leading institutions, organizations, and ministries of health worldwide has made UGHE a “partner of choice” in the global mission for a stronger health workforce. These collaborations with partners have facilitated exchange programs, research initiatives, and joint projects aligned with a collective equity mission. 

To celebrate the campus anniversary, UGHE has organized a series of activities including games, karaoke, and Q&A on campus experience. These celebrations not only reflect on the achievements of the past five years but also chart a course for the future, envisioning even greater contributions to global health and education. This commitment is anchored in principles of equity, innovation, and community impact, ensuring that UGHE remains at the forefront of transformative change in global health education. 

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MBBS Students cheering the match at the campus.

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