SCAR Inaugural Meeting: Training New Generations of Clinical Anatomists

To advance medical science in the region, we need to strategically build capacity by training world-class educators, professionals and researchers, as well as developing systems that enable them to optimize delivery through quality service, cutting edge innovations and commitment to equity in their service to humanity. Addressing this requirement, the historical inaugural meeting of the newly formed Society of Clinical Anatomists of Rwanda [SCAR] was held on 31st of July 2020, at the Nobleza Hotel, Rwanda.  Following an initial meeting of the founding members during which the first set of executives were elected, the Society was officially declared a professional society in Rwanda by the representative of the Minister of Health, Dr. Ngamije M Daniel.

The SCAR inaugural meeting and ceremony was also attended by the representatives of major universities in Rwanda particularly those that run medical programs.  The University of Global Health Equity [UGHE] was represented by the Dean and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics, Professor Abebe Bekele, the University of Rwanda by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Phillip Cotton, and Adventist University of Central Africa [AUCA] by Dr. Jean Mfizi. 

Representatives gathered at the Nobleza Hotel, Rwanda for the historical inaugural meeting of the newly formed Society of Clinical Anatomists of Rwanda [SCAR] on 31st of July 2020.
During the meeting, the original constitution draft of the Society was presented by the convener, Professor Julien Gashegu of the University of Rwanda.  The Constitution draft was amended suitably and adopted by the new Society.  The official name of the society was also adopted by all founding members in attendance as: the Society of Clinical Anatomists of Rwanda [SCAR]  

New executive members were elected as follows:

 – President: Professor Julien Gashegu, Head of Anatomy Unit, University of Rwanda, Rwanda. 

 – Vice President: Dr. Joshua Owolabi, Head of Anatomy Department, UGHE, Rwanda. 

 – Secretary: Dr. Arlene Nishimwe, Division of BSM, UGHE, Rwanda.

 – Treasurer:  Mr. Paul Ndahimana, Anatomy Unit, University of Rwanda, Rwanda.

Professor Abebe Bekele was appointed to lead the Education Commission of the Society.  The commission is required to design training programs roadmap for anatomy education in Rwanda and to prepare documents that will serve as a program and professional benchmark for the training of new generations of clinical anatomists in Rwanda and in the East African region. Decisions were also taken including the annual dues for members as well as the proposed programs for the society for the next one year.

Prof. Abebe Bekele, UGHE’s Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic & Research Affairs, and Dean of the School of Medicine, making his remark at. the SCAR Inaugural Meeting academic poster presentations.

UGHE provided support for the program as a means of extending its mission of quality education provision in partnership with UR to build capacity in Rwanda, and the region. UGHE representatives and SCAR members also participated in the academic poster presentations and exhibition led by Professor Abebe Bekele and Dr. Joshua Owolabi, presenting two posters entitled Using HFM Simulations to Teach Clinical Anatomy [Abebe Bekele MD, PhD, Ornella Masimbi MD,MGHD, Joshua Owolabi MSc., MBA, PhD]  and Using the Anatomage Technology  to Teach Anatomy Digitally: The African Experience [Joshua Owolabi MSc., MBA, PhD, Arlene Nishimwe MD,MGHD, Abebe Bekele MD, PhD.] respectively. Both posters are available to view below.

Dr. Joshua Owolabi, Head of the Anatomy Department at UGHE views the submissions to the SCAR Poster Presentation.

Words by Dr. Joshua Owolabi, Head of Anatomy Department, UGHE, Rwanda 

RAAC Poster II - Using Simulations to Teach Clinical Anatomy


RAAC Poster I - The Anatomage_Teaching Anatomy Digitally