UGHE Hosts Butaro Students on Campus for Science Day

Students from UGHE and G.S. Runaba Secondary School joined for a day of scientific experiments at UGHE’s campus in Butaro.

On February 26th, 2020, UGHE hosted students from G.S. Runaba Secondary School in Butaro for UGHE’s first Science Day. Hosted by the Department for Community Health and Social Medicine and facilitated by MGHD students, the day saw students from G.S. Runaba learning about various science topics such as lung capacity, electrolysis, diffusion, and more. See photos from the event below.

Dr. Zahirah McNatt, Godley-St. Goar Chair of the Department of Community Health and Social Medicine, welcomes students from G.S. Runaba Secondary School to Science Day.


Dr. Shona Mackinnon (left), MGHD ’20, discusses and demonstrates the chemistry behind the “model volcano” with the students of G.S. Runaba. 


Hawa Obaje, MGHD ’20, exhibits the concept of density.


Salome Sijenyi (left) and Annick Uwitonze (right), MGHD ’20, demonstrate to students how to test lung capacity.


Dr. Chinelo Grace Okengwu, MGHD ’20, shows the G.S. Runaba students an experiment demonstrating the law of attraction and repulsion.


UGHE students were thrilled to share their knowledge with G.S. Runaba students, Rwanda’s future scientists.