Advancing Global Health Discovery & Innovation Through Research: IGHER Highlights

Launched in March 2020, UGHE’s Institute of Global Health Equity Research (IGHER) aims to become the epicenter of the creation and dissemination of global knowledge, focused on the eradication of global health inequities. The institute focuses on the development of collaborative, pioneering global health research, as well as the development and delivery of innovative and engaging research training for global health researchers and health professionals. Spearheaded by its inaugural Director and Andrew Weiss Chair of Research in Global Health, Professor Timothy Carey, 2020 saw the initiation of a significant number of key IGHER activities,  include the development of a systematic approach to organizing research, robust support for research funding proposals, the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding, and a series of online training programs delivered to UGHE students and wider network, to name but a few.

Here – within the below video and report – Prof. Timothy Carey provides a succinct summary of activity and achievements accomplished in the first nine months of operations, with almost all activities exclusively taking place within the constraints of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

IGHER Key 2020 Highlights (7)