Aimable Uwimana, MSc

Community Engagement Assistant

Aimable Uwimana joined the UGHE team in 2020 as an intern. He holds a Master of Science in Global Health Delivery from the University of Global Health Equity and a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management with Concentration in Global Perspectives from Southern New Hampshire Univeristy, Kepler Kigali. Prior to joining, Aimable acquired service delivery experience working as Call Center Agent at Kasha and Customer Care and Administrative Assistant at Benefactor David Clinic. He also served as Method of Thinking for Business Teaching Assistant at Kepler Kigali. Aimable is passionate about addressing the social determinants of health through advocacy and capacity building, especially among vulnerable, underserved and marginalized communities. In his free time, Aimable enjoys hiking and biking, photography and listening to music.