Angelique Ingabire, MSc.

Research Assistant

Angelique holds a specialized master’s degree in Integrated Management of Health Risks in the Global South from the University of Liège, and a Bachelor of Science in agriculture animal science from the National University of Rwanda.   

Angelique brings passion and up to 8 years of experience in a variety of work in the public health space; from community-based research to being an integral part of several adolescents’ empowerment initiatives that promote health and access to information through sexual and reproductive health and rights education.   

Prior to joining the IGHER, Angelique worked at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute as the field research coordinator where she oversaw operational research processes, and offered extensive support in planning and coordinating monitoring activities of a digital intervention in primary healthcare settings that aims at improving child health outcomes, reducing antibiotic prescriptions and promoting antimicrobial stewardship in Rwanda. She also worked at the Association des Guides du Rwanda as the District Coordinator of 12+ Adolescent Girls Empowerment and coordinated the “Supporting Very Young Adolescents as They GrowUp Smart” initiative with Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health of Rwanda, where in both projects she coordinated training sessions, monitoring processes and demonstrated high value leading teams and building a positive relationship with stakeholders. Previously, Angélique served as the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps seconded to Ashoka East Africa, Kenya, where she worked as the Fellowship and Youth Years’ Programs Associate to build the opportunity to discuss nutrient economy conversation among Ashoka community members.   

Angelique is an alumna of several professional and leadership fellowships including the Rx One Health Field Institute attended in 2022 and the Mandela Washington fellowship 2018.