Anselme Shyaka, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor of One Health

Dr. Anselme Shyaka is an Assistant Professor of One Health in the Center for One Health at the University of Global Health Equity. His research focuses on zoonotic pathogen diagnosis and prevention using molecular techniques. Besides, he is interested in applying a One Health approach to map the prevalence of resistant pathogens and reduce the use of antimicrobials in food animals. Dr. Shyaka is a member of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) National Sub-Technical Working Group and he is therefore involved in various initiatives for the elimination of these diseases in Rwanda. Through the research, he has extensive experience conducting national scale assessments of zoonotic disease burden in humans and host animals, agricultural value chains, and stakeholder engagements. 

During his PhD (Animal and Food Hygiene, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine), he investigated and published on the contribution of wild birds as a potential source for human contamination by Campylobacter jejuni, a dangerous pathogen for humans. During his postdoctoral research fellowship (Parasitology, University of Leeds), Dr. Shyaka carried out a research project on human and porcine cysticercosis in Rwanda, and the findings highlighted the need to use a holistic approach involving experts from various disciplines in order to eradicate NTDs in Rwanda.