Clarisse Umuhoza

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Clarisse Umuhoza earned a bachelor’s degree in business management with a focus on accounting and finance from the University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies. Prior to joining UGHE, she worked as an Administrative Assistant at Catholic Relief Service (CRS), where she oversaw daily office operations and coordinated logistics. She advanced within CRS, taking up duties as an acting Administration Officer and Country Representative Assistant, strengthening her administrative talents. Her expertise has given her a strong foundation in office administration, scheduling planning, and providing full support for everyday tasks. Clarisse is committed to guaranteeing operational efficiency, with a problem-solving mindset and a focus on process improvement.

Clarisse is deeply committed to humanitarian causes in addition to her professional activities. Participating in programs that improve community well-being and positively touch the lives of those in need is a rewarding part of her life. Whether she is involved in local volunteer initiatives or philanthropic organizations, her commitment to humanitarian work demonstrates her belief in the importance of giving back and effecting positive change. Clarisse is eager to contribute to UGHE’s continued success and growth, and she is prepared to add her diverse skill set to the team.