Ernest Tambo, PhD

Implementation Research Scientist, Centre for Leadership in Global Health Equity

Dr. Tambo is a Research Scientist at The Centre for Leadership in Global Health Equity, University of Global Health Equity (UGHE).  

Before Joining UGHE, He served a programmatic public health Auditor, with The Global Fund IOG office in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and Senior Policy Analysts and Public health consultant on advocacy and promotion of Emerging technologies and tools (genetic engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Drones and digitalization) in tackling health, social and food insecurity challenges at Africa Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP), Nairobi, Kenya. He has also served as Molecular biology and Biochemistry laboratory manager and quality control specialist at public health pest Laboratory, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Tambo has worked as Vice-Dean and Director of Studies, and Assoc Prof. of Pharmacology, School of medicine and Pharmacy, Houdegbe North America University, and served as Institutional Research and Capacity Strengthening Coordinator at Universite des Montagnes, Cameroon. He has robust field (implementation/community-based), clinical trials and laboratory research experiences. He enjoys evidence-based generation and synthesis to evidence translation for policy decisions making and innovative management in implementation research science and health systems strengthening for more equitable, quality care delivery and wellbeing of the most vulnerable groups. Moreover, Tambo has substantial and practical know-how and skills in leadership resilience and equity capacity building, systems-thinking, policy analysis and programmatic evaluation (Formative, Design, Process, Outcome, Impact, Cost-effectiveness) and performance measurement (Milestones and Achievements) to lead, coordinate and support innovative approaches, emerging practices in human health and continuous ecosystem improvements.  

Dr Tambo has extensive skills and expertise in infectious diseases control/elimination and eradication strategies in over 47 resource-limited countries, outbreaks/pandemics (Ebola, Mpox, COVID-19, Dengue, Zika…) surveillance, preparedness and emergency response, digital global and public health consultancy, contributions in a wide range of educational and pedagogy curriculum initiatives and applied context- and innovative approaches in diverse African grassroots and global settings. Dr Ernest has published over 110 peer reviewed publications, books chapters and honorably served as Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Editorial board, academic Editor and Reviewer of several SCI journals including The Lancet Inf. Diseases, Frontiers, BMC series, PLoS NTD, BMJ among others. 

Dr. Tambo brings on board the leverages of expertise in multidisciplinary collaboration, transferring knowledge to society through advocacy and policy engagement outreach, where applicable, through technology transfer and evidence-based interventions while being keenly interested in student learning experience, needs-based/problem-solving, outcome/impact-based and culturally responsive pedagogy methods (theory of change and social constructivism). These create supportive, inclusive, resilience and technology-enhanced learning environments, comprehensive leadership and research skills and competencies empowerment for students and targeted industry/academia. After his Doctorate Degree in Pharmacology (Public Health), he successfully completed two postdoctoral fellowships- The Distinguished Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Pretoria, 2013-2014 and China CDC-Africa Postdoctoral fellowship, 2011-2013, Shanghai. He has a range of leadership, management and risk assessment competencies and skills, productivity and research capacity building.  

His current research interests include global health, outbreaks preparedness and emergency response, leadership and resilience, impact evaluation of public health programs, clinical trials and political economy, One health approach community of practice, Digital health information systems, risk communication and Infodemics management, general pharmacology and experimental Toxicology since 2004.