UGHE Center for Leadership in Global Health Equity is proud to offer a unique portfolio of Executive Education Certificate in Global Health Delivery Leadership Program (GHDLP).

Developed in collaboration with the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, GHDLP is a certificate course for emerging leaders and technical experts in Ministries of Health, Non-governmental and Civil society Organizations. The Program combines sessions offering foundational skills in management and leadership with case based and field learning that explore real world delivery challenges and innovative solutions equipping learners with skills they need to deliver value-based health programs in their own context.

Cohesive, high functioning health care organizations require leaders equipped with the tools to tackle complex delivery challenges and create impactful solutions, The Global Health Delivery Leadership Program (GHDLP) helps health program managers and executive to realize their full leadership potential. After an intensive two-week session on campus through a dynamic and immersive learning experience, participants work in country teams to complete as a six-month implementation period, gain the skills and insights needed to develop and manage high value, equitable health programs with guidance and support from a Mentor.

Download the GHDLP program brochure here


GHDLP is designed for emerging leaders and technical experts working as program managers, directors or executives in Ministries of Health and Non-governmental organizations. Participants should oversee both people and programs and demonstrate a commitment to Global Health Equity.

Requirements for GHDLP Participation are as follows

• Global Fund grantee (Primary or Sub-recipients)

• Must be available for the two-week residency and three-day convening in Rwanda

• Global Fund Portfolio Managers (FPM) must give final approval

Given the team-based nature of the GHDLP, preferences will be given to those who apply as country teams (2-6 people).

Program Modules

Global Health Care Delivery: Explore frameworks for effective interventions through interactive case studies from diverse global settings. Analyze the historical, political, social and economic contexts to make better decisions. Develop a foundation in value-based health care delivery.

Program Management: Learn how to work more efficiently and how to manage teams, programs, and organizations for high performance. Practice methods of strategic problem solving, develop strategies to cultivate and coordinate partners, as well as to promote country ownership.

Personal Leadership Development: Complete a leadership self-assessment, explore universal leadership skills and understand the practice of “Managing Oneself”. Develop a personal leadership plan to catalyze professional growth.

Replicable Delivery Innovations: Explore innovative solutions to complex health care delivery challenges, learn first-hand from the architects of Rwanda health system and other proven leaders. Identify success factors and replicable interventions that may be adapted and applied in every setting.


Program Dates

Application Deadline
August 30, 2024
Payment Deadline
September 15, 2024
First Convening
No 11 – 22, 2024
Second Convening
May 21 – 23, 2025

Please contact for more information on program fees.