Henry Kanoro, MSc

Research Assistant

Henry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Global Perspectives from Southern New Hampshire University via the Kepler University Program and a Master’s degree from the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) through its Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD) program. He has occupied various positions at UGHE namely Research and Content Generation Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Research Assistant Intern. Prior to rejoining UGHE, Henry worked as Online Course Assessor at the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Center. In addition, he worked as a Student Engagement and Gender Specialist at Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement. His last research projects included Assessing COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice and Impact among Refugees living in Kiziba refugee camp and a Study of Rwandan Medical Students’ Preferences for Learning Resources based on VARK Formats towards Managing Cognitive Load and Achieving Effective Learning. During these projects, Henry’s main responsibilities included writing research proposals, developing research tools, recruiting research participants, conducting in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, analyzing data, and crafting research reports. Besides, Henry co-wrote an article titled “Ending Child Marriage in Nigeria: The Maternal and Child Health Country-Wide Policy” which was published in 2020. Currently, he is rejoining UGHE as a Research Assistant under the Institute of Global Health Equity Research (IGHER). He is passionate about evidence-based research, social justice, and health equity.